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GI Doors - Special Features


Cuirass Advantages

  1. Cuirass Doors are available in purely traditional wood colours and have the rich exotic look of foreign doors.
  2. Cuirass Doors are made out of well imsulated steel, they are well created by meeting the international standards of galvanized iron
  3. Honey comb is filled in between the .6 mm to .1 mm thick steel sheet. Double layered Seated strip enables to give the same sound effect of the opening and shutting of the wooden doors. And does not make the creaking sound of the Steel cupboard and does not make the creaking sound of the Steel cupboard
  4. When the door is locked at one place, due to the highly advanced technology , it will be double locked at 11 other places of the same door.
  5. Cuirass steel door is India’s first steel door which made out of Galvanized Iron . As the Hinges & the Door sill are made of Stailness Steel, prevent corrosion and gives a lasting life to the doors.
  6. Antitheft locking system, the reinforced door hinges and the door viewer that gives a clear and vast view of the surroundings, ensure maximum security. The multi layered strengthened plate of lock set is characterized by impact resistance and breaking resistance.
  7. The inbuilt pelmet, locking system etc make cuirass steel doors less expensive than the wooden doors.

Why CuirassSteel Doors

In the arena of home construction, Indians, have been giving quite a remarkable importance to wood. However, the scarcity of quality wood, the exorbitant and baseless increase in the price and the labour charges,along with the shortage of expert labourers and the unaccountability of the locking system are the major factors which inspired us to create a new innovative concept of steel doors.

  1. Once-formed door leaf is made of Q235 hot rolled steel plate
  2. Double-head Tiandi lock fork for the upside and downside
  3. AB mechanical lock
  4. The lower device use stainless steel sleeve-welding structure
  5. Inlaid full-steel adjustable hinge with an angle og 180 or 110 degrees
  6. Invisible alarm doorbell
  7. Peephole with wide angle of 200 degrees
  8. After pickled, phosphorized, and rust proofed, the surface also adopts hot timber grain transter-printing treatment
  9. Door faceplate is made of Q235 cold rolled plate and formed at once through pressing mold
  10. The inner fillings adopt mixed fillings with honeycomb paper
  11. Stronger Security Lock
cuirassdoors 1
Broad round-edge frame The broad-edge frame enhances its anti-pry function and makes it more eiegant
cuirassdoors 2
Peephole With stainless steel super-wide visual angle, high definition peephole and exquisite deign, the outdoor scenes are all available to you
cuirassdoors 3
New-style reinforced hinge With its unique design and super function, the thickened widened and reinforced adjustable hingejoint makesrolling bearing extremely firm and stable
cuirassdoors 4
The patent guards against skid The dual triangle guards against skids on the other hand, generally more solid then Normal Guards, When Close the door, its leaf all around gamisons with the doorframe scoop channel closefitting skid, the index to be second to none
cuirassdoors 5
Reinforced side lock point It adopts reinforced side lock point to keep the door safer and anti-theft. The users could use it reliably, safely and conveniently for its separate inner safety. Mean while it is safer and steadier in lock body.
cuirassdoors 6
Stainless Steel Doorsill Made of wholly stainless steel, the door sill never rusts even after long-term use therefore makes your door dignified forever.
cuirassdoors 7
Door Plate Unique and attractive door plate with the mold pro-cessed by five-shaft and there-coordinate numerical control milling machine imported from Germany. The 2000T largehydraulic press can shape the faceplate on its first time.
cuirassdoors 8
Luminous stealth doorbell With practicable and aesthetic value, it can be easily identified even in the night and deliver external information
cuirassdoors 9
Stronger security Lock Multi-pupose, tongue to be ½ thicker than normal locks. In the room it does not need the key urgently to open, brings the user more safer and convenience
cuirassdoors 10
Buckle concave-convex guards against skids the through side Nearby an entire strip pair of buckle concave-convex guards against skids the trough side, guards against skids the performance to best abler, when closes the gate, the door leaf buckles just with the bulge steps and ladders doorframe tight buckles, achieve domini -directional guards against skids the fuction