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The Cuirass steel door, an elegant modern marvel is crafted heavy GI sheet of international standards. The door anti theft locking (locking at 11 points), won't even open with duplicate keys, offering you the ultimate security status with a 10 year warranty on the locking system. wide choice of design and colours influenced by wooden designs, resembling fine quality tree wood to apt with more vivid, and ritzy pattern of the new age. The wooden designs are laminated on the doors at a very high temperature. All doors are UV protected and highly durable. The Cuirass steel doors are 20-50% inexpensive than normal wooden doors. The Cuirass PVC door, a more decorative and ornamental variant, is a sure bet for your urbane office rooms and beautiful bathrooms. The products high demand and opulent status has made it a instant hit in foreign countries.

G 227
G 901
G 225
G 228
G 164
G 006
G 026
G 030
G 222
G 414
CSF 223
CSF 224
CSF 222
CU 135
CU 124
CU 223
CD 209
CD 229
CD 201
CD 230
CD 200
CD 228
CD 234
CD 232
CPD 004
CPD 005
CPD 006
CPD 016
CPD 021
CPD 023
CWA 002
CWN 002
CWT Plain 003