Steel Door vs Wooden Door

a comparison between steel doors and normal wooden doors

A Comparison Between Cuirass Steel Doors & Normal Wooden Doors

When it comes to selecting a door for your house or office, the dilemma can be unreal. With a plethora of products on the market, it’s natural you feel confused about whether you should choose steel or a classic wooden door.
At the end of the day, you ought to make up your mind. Right? We are here to help you with that.

Let’s compare Steel Doors and Wooden Doors to see which one fares better!

Security And Durability

 Steel DoorsWooden Doors
The strong material coupled with galvanized coating offers better security and durability.The strength of the wood is low when compared with steel. Hence, it’s susceptible to damage and relatively insecure.
Steel doors do not warp or crack easily, making them highly durable.Wood can deform and crack due to seasonal changes. Thus, less durable.
Anti-theft locking system, heavy-duty hinges, and tough hardware add more safety and security.Hinges of wooden doors tend to wear off faster than the hinges of steel doors.
Galvanized steel offers corrosion resistance, and this provides steel doors with longer life.


 Steel DoorsWooden Doors
Costs are lesser than Wooden doors because the manufacturing cost of steel doors is low in contrast with wooden doors as they’re produced industrially in bulk.On the flip side, extracting wood and manufacturing a door is a much more time-taking process. Hence, it’s relatively expensive.


  Steel DoorsWooden Doors
Steel doors are 7x times more resistant to cracks and warpage, reducing the need for maintenance.Will require repolishing to sustain the look.
Thanks to the galvanized coating that provides anti-corrosion attributes, you don’t have to spend money to repel rust.Requires repairing since it cracks and warps due to the change in the climate.
Since it comes with strong hinges and locks, you require less maintenance.Hinges and locks might have to be replaced after a period.

Energy Efficiency

 Steel DoorsWooden Doors
Energy efficiency is one of the key features of Steel doors. Steel does not provide insulation, but the thermal break inside the steel door keeps the temperature in check, ultimately saving energy.Wood does a good job of preventing outside air enter the interior of a house or office. However, Wood is not ideal for stabilising or sustaining the room temperature.


 Steel DoorsWooden Doors
Comes with UV protection. This prevents harsh sunlight from fading the colour of the door and keeps the door’s health intact.Do not come with UV protection, hence vulnerable.
Boasts excellent fire ratings with the ability to resist fire for a long time.Since the heat of the flame lures gas from wood, flames intensify. Thus, wood is susceptible to burns and can’t withhold fire for long
Keeps termites at bayThe moisture in the wood makes termite infestation more likely to happen.


Now that you know Steel doors fare better, why not take a look at our offerings? Find a plethora of affordable steel doors, which conform to international standards. Place the order to get your favourite steel door to your doorsteps.

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