6 signs that show you need a steel door
6 Signs That Show You Need a Steel Door

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August 22nd, 2022 05:43 pm

Do you know entry doors can make a first impression on your visitors? Yes, and they are not just some decorative accessories for your home. With highly secure and energy-efficient doors, you can increase the value of your home or office. But, without proper maintenance, it can incur damage.

Considering that a wide variety of doors are available in the market, you would probably select something that fits your spaces beautifully. But some doors may not be capable of withstanding changing weather conditions. Although with proper maintenance, it might last for a few years. The average life span of a door depends on the material used. So, when you select the wrong one, it can compromise the safety of your home. Then you would need to replace it with something better.

In short, when you think of door replacement, you should have proper knowledge of the different door types available in the market like wood, steel, fibreglass and more. Though they serve the same purpose, their features vary. For example, if aesthetics is your only concern, wooden doors are a good option. If you need both elegance and safety, nothing can stand next to a steel door. That’s why most people now opt for steel doors for their residential and industrial needs. 

If you already have a door of different material, look for the following signs to identify whether your door needs a replacement or not.

When to Implement Steel Doors

When you buy a door of any type, it should be able to provide the efficiency you wish. Otherwise, there is no use in keeping that door. So, if you see any of the following signs on your existing door, it indicates that you need to replace the current one with a better one.

1. Warps & Cracks

When your doors are exposed to extreme weather conditions, it can impact them and their functioning. With that being said, warp or cracks caused by harsh weather can weaken the door structure. Besides, a cracked door can raise concerns about safety.

Mostly, doors made of wood tend to show signs of warping, splinting and cracking. On the other hand, steel doors have no such limitations. With steel being one of the most durable materials, the doors made of steel also show the same property. Additionally, steel doors available in the market are built to withstand seasonal changes and are best suited for diverse applications.

2. Gaps Causing Air Entry

If you notice drafts or light pass through the below region or around your door, it is mainly due to inadequate insulation. Also, with time, the cracks in your door seals can affect your door insulation.

In short, the insulation process carried out on doors helps to maintain a moderate temperature inside your home or office. But, without proper insulation, air would stream freely into your spaces and cause you discomfort.

Now, steel doors come with weatherstripping which prevents air leaks. So, when you notice lights or air coming below or around your door and an increase in your utility bills, it is time for you to replace the existing door with an energy-efficient steel door.

3. Moisture or Termites

Some doors fall prey to moisture or termites due to changing weather conditions. To be precise, moisture can lead to termites on wooden doors and that way, the door would eventually fall apart. In the case of metal doors, they tend to corrode when exposed to moisture.

Now, are steel doors corrosion resistant? Yes, doors made from galvanized steel can relieve you from conditions of moisture, and termite as well as requires very less maintenance.

4. Outside Noise Coming In

Some doors do not offer sound resistance. As for some others, they lose their capability to block noise over consistent use. This would be a great concern when your home or office is situated near a crowded city or have chatty neighbours. In addition, you would lose your privacy as well.

For this reason, it is better to replace your door if it can no longer block noise in and out of your building. When compared to traditional wooden doors, steel doors are more effective with noise blocking capacity which would be an ideal choice for your private spaces.

5. Accessibility Issues

If your door is not accessible in time of need, then it surely needs to be replaced. For instance, if you require extreme force to open or close your door, it can lead to some inconvenience. This is a greater task in case of a fire or gas leak where you would need to get out quickly.

Furthermore, when exposed to various elements, most doors face wear and tear with age. In the case of wooden or metal doors, it can trigger contraction or expansion. On the contrary, steel doors are free from expanding or contracting as they are non-reactive to seasonal changes.

6. Less Secure

Security is the prime concern when it comes to your home. So, to ensure that you need to make sure all aspects of your home are kept safe. Your doors for sure have a role to play in that. What’s more, an ageing door poses a threat and can put your home at risk. Also, it becomes easy for intruders to break in and steal your belongings easily.

So, if you feel your doors are easily breakable or no longer safe, replace them with a door of stronger material. In terms of strength, nothing matches with steel doors and thus turns out to be a perfect choice for replacement.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, with a range of doors showing up in the market, it is vital that you select one that is built to last long. Not only that but also make sure it can handle any weather conditions. With that being said, a steel door is by far the best choice for your needs since it is strong and does not react to seasonal changes.

Have you noticed any of the above damage signs on your doors? Then replace it now with Cuirass Steel Doors. At Cuirass Doors Pvt Ltd, we deliver eco-friendly doors made of galvanized steel that suit well for your space. With the anti-theft locking system implemented in our steel doors, have peace of mind.

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