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Product-Related FAQs

Do you help with repairing?

Of course. We have a team for installation and repairs.

What should I do If I receive a defective product?

In case you receive a damaged product, you could contact us at our toll-free number - 1800 833 5575.

Can I get an extra lock installed?

If your door has an option for an extra lock, you can definitely get an additional lock.

How many hinges come with your doors? 

A total of 4 stainless steel hinges come with every door. 

Will I have to buy bolts and screws additionally?

No. Our doors come with all the necessary hardware.

How long will the finishing of the doors last?

Our doors are engineered to stay strong and keep the elegant finishing intact. However, their appeal can affect if any chemicals or sharp objects come in contact with them. Otherwise, with reasonable care, it can last for years.

Is it possible to place a nameplate on the door?

If you plan to fix a nameplate, kindly let us know when you place the order. This can help us order holders for the same. With regards to fixing it, our installation team can help with that at the time of door installation. Please note you'll have to pay extra for this.

Will the steel get damaged?

The steel normally doesn't incur damage. However, it can get damaged if it comes in close contact with sharp or heavy objects.

Can the doors get rusty?

Thanks to the galvanized steel from which the doors are manufactured, our doors keep corrosion in check. However, if the paint comes off due to any reason, there is a chance that the galvanized coating also gets peeled off. Then, it can attract rust. In case the paint comes off, please inform us, and we'll provide the fix.

Will the paint of the door stays intact?

Yes, our doors boast high-quality paint. However, it may wear off after a long span. Also, paint can potentially come off if the door comes in contact with sharp or heavy objects.

Can the doors expand or contract according to the weather?

No. And, this is one of the advantages of steel doors over wooden doors.

I can paint my door and change colour, can’t I?

It's up to you. However, we recommend not painting since it can make the door lose its elegant wooden look. Furthermore, you will lose the warranty as well.

Should I buy screws and bolts separately?

Not really, you get everything along with the door itself. We also provide a 1-year warranty for them. For locks and hinges, we provide 5 years warranty.

Can you customize the size of the door according to my requirements?

Of course. If you require doors in customized size, kindly contact us and provide us with the details.

How strong are your doors when compared with wooden doors?

The strength of Cuirass steel doors is 4 times better than wooden doors.

How affordable are your doors?

Cuirass steel doors are 30% to 60% more economical than wooden doors.

What’s the weight of your doors?

The weight of our doors varies according to the model. The lightest door we offer is 40 kgs, and the heaviest is 160 kgs. 

In how many sizes are your doors available?

Our doors come in 5 different sizes. However, not all doors are available in 5 sizes. Depending on the type of door, the available sizes vary.

What are the other products you offer other than Steel doors?

Apart from Steel doors we offer a wide range of UPVC Doors, UPVC bathroom doors, WPC doors, WPC Bathroom doors, PVC Doors, Steel windows, UPVC Windows and FRP doors.

Why are steel doors better than wooden doors?

First of all, steel doors are much more durable and strong than wooden doors. Secondly, they do not deform according to seasonal changes. Also, our doors keep UV rays at bay and are eco-friendly. 

What do you mean by galvanized steel?

In layman's terms, Galvanized steel boasts a protective zinc coating, and that is what helps them keep corrosion in check. Ultimately, this enhances the durability of the doors.

What is Rockwool infill?

Rockwool is one of the best steel door insulation out there. It's the best material to resist heat and fire. The unique composition of Rockwool produces high-performing insulation with fire resistance up to 1400 degrees.

What is honeycomb infill?

Honeycomb is an eco-friendly infill, which is the best alternative for other harmful infills. Honeycomb has a superlight structure that has high strength and stiffness-to-weight ratio. This material consists of an array of open cells formed from sheets of suitable material. These cells are bonded together at equal intervals and then expanded to form hexagonal cells.
The Honeycomb can be used as the central region of a composite panel. It is an eco-friendly, versatile, flexible and lightweight material that has excellent compatibility with other materials. The material exhibits high strength properties. It is water resistant and provides good thermal insulation. 

What are the specialities of your steel doors?

Our doors are manufactured from galvanized steel, making them corrosion-free. Apart from that, they come with an anti-theft locking system. Though it’s made of steel, the door has the appeal of natural wood, which adds to the elegance.

Why should I buy steel doors?

Steel doors are sturdy, more durable and more secure than other doors. And, they are termite-resistant. If you want to learn more about the advantages of steel doors, click here (link to advantages page).

Order, Refund and Installation Related FAQs

What payment modes are available?

Cash on delivery, net banking, UPI, debit card, and credit card.

How long will it take to install a steel door?

The time taken for door installation ranges between 1 hour and 3 hours. The varies according to the installation site.

Within how many days can I get my door delivered?

The time taken for delivery varies according to the product availability and your location.

Do you provide a refund?

Sorry, our orders are not refundable.

Can I make changes to my order?

You can modify your order according to your requirements before placing the order. However, if you have already placed the order, you cannot modify it.

Is it possible to cancel my order?

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel your order after placing it.

Where should I keep the door until the installation?

We recommend installation as soon as the door gets delivered. If our team is unavailable, keep the door somewhere safe where there is no possibility of contact with heavy or sharp objects, until installation.

How does door installation work?

Once the delivery is over, our team comes to your place to install the door. However, we serve only in limited areas. If your location is within our accessibility limit, you could set a date and time according to your convenience and our team's availability.

Warranty-Related FAQs

What’s the fire rating of your doors?

Our doors can withstand fire for 1 hour, thanks to the Rockwool infill.

Do your doors come with a warranty?

Yes. All of our doors come with a 5-year warranty.

Does the hardware have a warranty?

The hinges have a 5-year warranty and for handles, beading, etc we provide a 1-year warranty

Does the lock have a warranty?

Yes. We provide a 5-year warranty on the locking systems.

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