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The Embodiment of Perfect Doors

What if we say you can get doors that are elegant, strong, durable and secure at the same? Yes, that’s what you get at Cuirass. We offer a wide assortment of steel doors, which conform to international standards. Though our doors look like wooden doors at first glance, they are made from galvanized steel, which keeps corrosion in check. The wide variety of designs gives you ample options to choose from. What’s more, they come with an anti-theft locking system and strong hinges, giving you ultimate protection. Whether it’s for your home or commercial space, our doors would be perfect.

Steel Doors
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Our Steel Doors are Feature Rich

Cuirass doors come with a flurry of benefits, making us the ideal place to buy doors! Our galvanized steel doors are UV protected not to mention eco-friendliness. What’s more, the doors come in a variety of designs accompanied by a flawless structure and anti-theft locking system, all at an affordable price range. This is why they have been a hit since day one and are still a widely-chosen option!

Steel Doors
Maximum Safety
Steel Doors
5 -Year Warranty
Steel Doors

Why Should You Buy Steel Doors?

Steel Doors are widely chosen nowadays, but it’s not surprising. Their sturdy material makes them hard for break-ins, ultimately making them secure. Also, it’s also energy efficient, thanks to the insulation it boasts. What’s more, the galvanized coating protects the doors from rust, giving them better durability. And, it’s 30%-60% more economical than wooden doors.

Steel Doors

Steel Doors Vs Wooden Doors - A comparison

With a plethora of Steel Doors and Wooden Doors on the market, it can be confusing to choose a door for your house or office. Well, we are here to help you differentiate between steel doors and wooden doors so that you can make up your mind. Click the button below to find a detailed comparison of Steel Doors and Wooden Doors. This can help you take a decision.

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