Power of Steel, Style of Wood

The Doorway To Elegance

Doors that keep security threats at bay and make a space double delightful. That’s what we have been furnishing to our customers since our inception in 2005. Presently, we take pride in being a distinguished brand in our industry and have a towering presence in India as well as UAE. The doors & windows we offer are highly durable, thanks to the galvanized steel they are made from. Though they are made of steel, they have the feel & look of wood, making them not only strong but also beautiful. What’s more, they are less expensive than normal wooden doors.

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What made us come thus far successfully is the uniqueness of our solutions.
For starters, all the doors are manufactured from sturdy steel that conforms to the international quality standard.
And the elegant design makes them as sleek as it gets.
What’s more, all the doors come equipped with an anti-theft locking system and UV protection. Interesting, isn’t it?!

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